Mar 05, 2013


Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms (3rd Edition)

Algorithms (4th Edition)

The Algorithm Design Manual

Algorithms in a Nutshell

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Jan 13, 2014

Small plans for January

This is a great year, I hope! So in order to make it great, we need to put some efforts to make it bright.

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield
- Alfred Tennyson

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Dec 25, 2013

Creating shortcut function in Fabric to create a Pelican draft

I migrated from Wordpress to Pelican few month ago and so far I was satisfied with it, mainly because my demands to the blogging platform are far lower than one might imagine. But as atrue engineer, I always strive to eliminate any duplication in code or in actions.

For this reason I've created one more Fabric function that creates a draft for me, properly setting the date and slug ...

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Aug 10, 2013

Rename all *.rst files in a directory according to their date


  • add verbose mode
  • move awk output into variable and test if file already begins with a date
for f in $(find ./content/ -name '*.rst'); do
    name=$(basename "$f")
    dd=$(dirname "$f")
    d="$dd/$(cat "$f" | grep ':date:' | awk '{print $2}')-$name"
    if [ ! -f "$d" ]; then
        mv "$f" "$d"
        echo "File '$d' already exists! Skiped '$f'"

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Jun 14, 2013

Pro Git

Over years, I used Git a lot but I can hardly name myself a proficient git user. More or less it can be due to lack of learning discipline. I never learned Git specifically.

Recently I started to notice that most of the problems I'm trying to resolve were successfully resolved before. And it's a good fit for my blogging 'deep dive into linux' topic to write a ...

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Moving from Jekyll to Octopress

Hi again. Today I can proudly say that I was productively procrastinating! As you might know, my "Deep dive into Linux" journey has just began and today it saved me at least few hours.

While cleaning up my 1TB drive residing inside my desktop to make sure that all junk is removed whereas all important files are properly backed up to the cloud, I noticed that inside my old website ...

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Things that drive me mad about Linux

I was having many talks with Linux aficionados who argued that my only obstacle on the way to Linux was lack of knowledge and experience. While I agree for 100% with their opinion, I have few more things to deal with in Linux:


Everyone knows that multimedia support in Linux is ... how to put it mildly, inferior.

First of all, Skype sound quality. I desperately need good sound and ...

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mkpost for Jekyll

In order to speedup post creation, I found and improved a simple Ruby script:

require 'date'
require 'time'

puts 'What would you like to write about?'
article_title = gets
slug = article_title.downcase.strip.gsub(' ', '-')

current_date =
current_time =

filename = current_date + '-' + slug + '.md'"_posts/"+filename, "w") do |post|
 post.write("layout: post\n")
 post.write("title: #{article_title}")
 post.write("date: #{current_time ...

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VIM %crazy%

Well, I have a very simple use-case: I just copied a chunk of text and it contains line numbers. Can vim handle it??


:%normal 2x

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Jekyll Web Log

Hi folks.

From the very beginning, I'd like to say that I'm an avid Windows user. RMS thinks that we shouldn't give away freedom in exchange for convenience. Truthfully, I had to fuck a lot with my Ubuntu installation to work properly, to stop hanging on boot, shut down in less than a minute, use two GPUs correctly, stop eating my battery worse than a Hulk and ...

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